What to Look for in a Chicago Exotic Car Rental Service

March 18, 2016
Trying to decide between a number of Chicago exotic car rental services? When it comes to selecting a exotic service provider, don’t just jump on the first name you see in the phone book. A exotic car rental service should offer exceptional service, special amenities, and an amazing vehicle selection. Before you book your rental, spend some time researching and reviewing all available options. Here is a quick checklist to help make your exotic car rental service selection easier: 1) Experience The best exotic car rental companies have been in operation for years. Global Exotic Car Rentals boasts six years of superb service in the Chicago area.   2) Customer Satisfaction A quality Chicago exotic car rental service will have no problem providing you with customer testimonials. Check out some of Global’s customer feedback by clicking here.   3) Selection The best Chicago exotic car rental services offer a wide variety of foreign and domestic specialty rentals. The car rental fleet at Global Exotics is vast and versatile. From Ferraris to Lamborghinis, Mercedes to Bentleys, Global Exotics has the perfect exotic car rental for any occasion.   4) Availability and Flexibility The best exotic car rental agencies in the city will bend over backwards to provide you with top-notch service. Whether you need a vehicle for an hour or a week, a quality Chicago exotic car rental service will have no problem accommodating your schedule. At Global, we can even arrange to drop your car rental off at a pre-arranged location, saving you precious travel time.   5) Insurance Specialty car rental centers know exactly what kind of insurance coverage you need to stay safe in your Chicago exotic car rental. You can never be too careful when driving a exotic car, so don’t be afraid to ask a potential rental agency for information on insurance policies. If the rental rep can’t answer your questions, it’s probably best to reserve your rental elsewhere. Global Exotic Car Rentals is a fully licenses and insured exotic car rental company.   6) VIP services A true Chicago exotic car rental company will provide service that goes beyond the rental lot. At Global, we exceed all customer expectations, offering a long list of VIP services. These bonus perks include: – Personal vehicle orientation – Private chauffeur services – Pre-programmed navigation systems and trip-planning assistance – Exclusive access to our world-class concierge services – Special in-vehicle inclusions, like a bouquet og roses or a box of chocolates   7) Truthful Promises Many Chicago exotic car rental companies rely on misleading advertising in order to secure reservations. The most common tactic? Including flashy stock images in their marketing and advertising, often of vehicles that they don’t even feature in their fleet! At Global, we believe in being truthful and transparent. All of the Chicago exotic car rental images posted on this website are pictures of actual fleet vehicles. Make sure that what you see is what you get before reserving your upcoming Windy City rental.   8) Friendly Service Don’t let a broker or middleman pressure you into a rental that doesn’t suit your style or travel needs. At Global, our Chicago exotic car rental sales team will work with you in order to ensure that all your needs are properly addressed.   Renting a exotic vehicle is all about the experience – from the minute you reserve the rental right up until the moment you return the keys. Before you confirm your reservation, make sure you’re completely comfortable with your chosen company. Review any terms of service and rental policies well in advance of your booking. And if you have any questions, don’t be afraid to contact the company for answers.   At Global Exotic Car Rentals, driving is our passion. Let us show you what true service really feels like – reserve your Chicago exotic car rental online today.

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