US Cellular Field

With the crack of the bat, the crowd roars and jumps to their feet. US Cellular Field, the home of Major League Baseball’s Chicago White Sox is a staple in the Windy City, and is a hot destination for Chicago exotic car rentals customers. Formerly Comiskey Park, the stadium, located at 33 West 35th Street is easy to locate in your Chicago exotic car rentals vehicle. For the last few decades, this stadium has been the home to many of professional baseball’s most memorable moments and continues to offer a quality game day experience for sports fans and families.

Let’s Go White Sox

Stand up for the seventh inning stretch, get your baseball glove on, and join the cheer of “Let’s go White Sox.” Established in 1894, the Chicago White Sox are one of North America’s oldest franchises winning multiple World Series titles and remaining in constant contention for another. The White Sox are the main draw annually for Chicago exotic car rentals and fans to US Cellular Field. For baseball, the recorded capacity of US Cellular Field is just over 40,000, however the Stadium has welcomed over 47,000 fans for special baseball games. On your next Chicago exotic car rentals vacation, why not take in a White Sox game? The White Sox are a cornerstone to Chicago’s community and history.

An attraction within an attraction

Once you step through the gates at US Cellular Field, the attraction doesn’t end. Yes, the boys of summer on the baseball field are a highlight of any Chicago exotic car rentals trip to US Cellular Field, but the stadium offers much more. From the fundamentals deck, where kids and adults can learn the basics of baseball and test their pitching or batting skills, to the fan deck , and statues of Minnie Minoso, Carlton Fisk, Harold Baines, Charles Comiskey and others, US Cellular Field is filled with memorable sights and experiences. Get your camera out and capture a memory the next time you visit US Cellular Field with Global Chicago exotic car rentals. Even before you enter the stadium, you can visit the parking lot near Gate 5 where you can stand at the home plate of Old Comiskey Field, the former site of Chicago’s legendary precursor to the new Comiskey and US Cellular Field.

Dive into a delicious ballpark special

What’s a day at the ballpark without a delicious hot dog, popcorn, or peanuts? Baseball is America’s game and with that, and part of the experience of your Chicago exotic car rentals visit to US Cellular Field, is diving into a mouth watering ballpark treat. On top of the treats that will come to your seat, the Fan Deck offers food and beverages that will meet any hunger. Similarly, the Bullpen Sports Bar is a popular stop for Chicago exotic car rentals clients in US Cellular Field. Diamond Suites and The Stadium Club both offer more refined, upscale dining if you’re looking for a sit down meal before, during, or after the game. US Cellular Field is known for unbelievable sightlines, delicious food, and great baseball.

For more information on US Cellular Field, feel free to visit the official Chicago White Sox website at In addition to great baseball, US Cellular Field holds other events each year including live music and more. From the White Sox website you’ll find directions, parking information, ticket availability, and much more. US Cellular Field replaced the old Comiskey Field, a staple in the Chicago community. On your next Chicago exotic car rentals excursion, you’ll experience why US Cellular Field is quickly building the same legacy and love that Comiskey Field once had.