The Loop

Get in the Loop – the Chicago Loop that is! The Loop neighborhood in downtown Chicago is a vibrant area dedicated to business, pleasure, culture, and education. Recognized as the commercial center of the city, the Loop serves as the seat of government for Chicago and Cook County, as well as the city’s historic theater and shopping district. Chicago car rental travelers will find the Loop is bounded on the west and north by the Chicago River, on the east by Lake Michigan, and on the South by Roosevelt Road. No trip to the Windy City would be complete without a visit to this vibrant neighborhood, but don’t take our word for it. Visit the Loop in your Chicago car rental today and see what all the excitement is about for yourself.

Ample attractions to enjoy on your Chicago car rental trip

Travelers will have no problem finding something to do in the Loop neighborhood, thanks to a staggering collection of attractions, amenities, museums, and shops. The Loop itself is dominated by high-rise skyscrapers, and includes notable buildings like the Chicago Board of Trade Building, and Willis Tower (formerly known as the Sears Tower). Chicago car rental travelers will discover plenty of shopping opportunities in the Loop Retail Historic District and the Magnificent Mile area.

Can you spot the sculptures?

Observant Chicago car rental travelers will notice many unique artworks in the Loop’s public areas, including works by Pablo Picasso, Joan Miro, Henry Moore, and Jean Dubuffet. Many of the city’s finest cultural attractions are also located in this neighborhood, including the Art Institute of Chicago (one of the largest art museums in the world), the Goodman Theatre, the Chicago Theatre, and the Civic Opera House building.

The Loop neighborhoods

The Loop community of Chicago can further be broken down into five sub-neighborhood areas. These include:
Historic Michigan Boulevard: This area of the Loop contains the Chicago Landmark Historic Michigan Boulevard District (this is the section of Michigan Avenue opposite Grant Park and the Millennium Mile.)
West Loop Gate: Local residents use this term to describe the are along the eastern bank of the Chicago River. This is often simply referred to as the “West Loop”.
South Loop: Most of the area south of Congress Parkway and east of the Chicago River, except for an area known as Printer’s Row, is referred to as the South Loop. Chicago car rental travelers will discover Columbia College Chicago in this neighborhood, along with the National Vietnam Veterans Art Museum.
Printer’s Row: Once known as Printing House Row, this neighborhood is located in the souther portion of the Loop neighborhood. The main street in the community is Dearborn Street, which houses the annual Printer’s Row Book Fair. The buildings in this area were originally used by printing and publishing house. Today, Chicago car rental travelers will find most have been converted into residential lofts.
Near East Side: This mixed-use district is bordered by Michigan Avenue, the Chicago River, Randolph Street, and Lake Shore Drive. Many of the city’s largest skyscrapers are housed in this area include the Illinois Center, the Aon Center, Prudential Plaza, the Hyatt Regency Hotel, and the Fairmont Hotel. This portion of the neighborhood features a unique triple-level street system, which is designed to help keep traffic moving freely during peak rush hour periods.

So, why “The Loop”?

Chicago car rental customers always ask this question, and the answer is really quite simple. The Loop neighborhood earned it’s name thanks to the loop of elevated train tracks that circle the core of high-rise buildings in the downtown core.