Taste of Chicago

Taste of Chicago is the world’s largest food festival, where tourists around the world travel to experience the food of Chicago’s most popular restaurants. Held at Grant Park, the food festival lasts a total of 10 days, starting the Friday before the 4th of July and ending the Sunday after. Once visitors in luxury car rentals Chicago arrive at Grant park, there are numerous events on multiple stages, including the Petrillo Music Shell, informational and family oriented pavilions, and nightly film performances. Famous musicians who have performed at Taste of Chicago include Carlos Santana, Moby and Kenny Rogers. Attracting over 3.5 million people and 70 food vendors, travelers in luxury car rentals Chicago are sure to have a memorable and delicious experience! Admission is free, and food and beverage is 12 tickets for $8. Open from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m., travelers in luxury car rentals Chicago are able to enjoy many delicious options and fabulous entertainment.

History of Taste of Chicago

The Taste of Chicago was created by Arnie Morton, who formulated the idea after visiting a smaller event in New York. He lined up numerous restaurants and persuaded the mayor to block off Michigan Avenue for the first Taste of Chicago in 1980. In 1981 Taste of Chicago moved to Grant Park for the second year, as more than 250 000 people showed up, a lot more than the organizers expected. Visitors in luxury car rentals Chicago are able to partake in the event at Grant Park, where over 3.5 million visit today. The Taste of Chicago has proven to be truly influential as many other cities have followed suit and developed a similar venue. Offshoots of the Taste of Chicago include The Taste of Champaign, CityFest in Detroit, the Taste of the Danforth in Toronto, the Taste of Kalamazoo, Taste of Cincinnati, Taste of Addison, Taste in Dallas, Taste of Madison, Taste of Austin, Taste of Peoria (Peoria, Illinois) and the Bite in Portland.

Musical Performances

The Taste of Chicago provides numerous outlets of entertainment for the entire family. Visitors in luxury car rentals Chicago will be able to listen to a variety of music genres. The largest stage is the Petrillo Music Shell, which has featured a variety of famous artists including Gavin Rossdale, Emily Osment, Broadway in Chicago, Los Lobos & Los Lonely Boys, Mat Kearney, Trey Songz, Rob Thomas, the Steve Miller Band and many more over the years. The Illinois Lottery Taste Stage has recently held bands such as American & Folk Friday, Garage Rock, Dance Party, Cover Band Day, Salute to the 80’s, National Country Music Day and many more. With varying musical themes, the Illinois Lottery Taste Stage provides a genre that will meet the needs of all visitors. The Best Buy Stage also provides bands from many musical genres, with a wide range of different performers. Another musical performance includes a Battle of the Bands competition.


More than 70 local restaurants provide a combination of ethnic foods, family favorites, exotic foods and Chicago specialties. Some of the food offerings in the past have included Chicago pizza from Home Run Inn Pizza, Lou Malnati’s Pizza, Doreen’s Pizza, Reggio’s Pizza, Bacino’s Pizza and Connie’s Pizza, Chicago Italian beef sandwiches from Tuscany Restaurant, Dessert from Eli’s Cheesecake, Abundance Bakery, JR Desert Bakery, and Churro Factory. As well, there is a variety of sausages from Bobak Sausage Company, Mexican cuisine from Carbon, Adobo Grill and La Justicia, Grilled lobster and shrimp from Oak Street Beach Caf? Other foods available include corn on the cob, ice cream, ribs, hot dogs and burgers, buffalo wings, gyros, pot stickers and much more!

Taste of Chicago Destination

Taste of Chicago is located at Grant Park, which is only 4 minutes away from Global Exotic Luxury Car Rentals Chicago. Start out West on Madison Street toward Canal Street, and then turn right onto Canal Street. Turn right onto Washington Street, then left onto Wacker Drive/ Upper Wacker Drive, and continue on Wacker Drive. Take a slight right onto Wacker Plaza, then right onto Upper Michigan Avenue and continue to follow Michigan Avenue. Turn left onto Randolph Street, keep right on Randolph Street, and you will reach Grant Park.