Supernatural Chicago and Chicago Luxury Rental Cars

Do you like feeling a shiver down your spine, watching your hair stand on end, or wondering just how something was done? Supernatural Chicago is a unique blend of improv comedy, magic, haunted houses, psychic demonstrations, and provides an education behind paranormal activity in Chicago to Chicago luxury rental cars customers. Unlike anything that’s been done in the past, Supernatural Chicago blends intelligent entertainment with the spooky happenings and paranormal activity Chicago has become known for. If you’re up for a unique night of entertainment, visit Supernatural Chicago, a show that’s been listed as one of the top things to see or do in the Windy City, on your next Global Chicago luxury rental cars excursion.

An hour and a half of thrills, chills, and laughter

Don’t expect only the weird and wild, Supernatural Chicago flawlessly blends improv comedy with magic, the paranormal, mindreading and more. If you’re visiting Chicago for the weekend with Chicago luxury rental cars, Supernatural Chicago is a perfect way to start your weekend as shows typically run Friday nights at the Excalibur nightclub. In October, when Halloween is creeping up, Supernatural Chicago adds additional shows. Admission to the show typically starts at $25, which includes two complimentary beverages, as well as admission into the Excalibur nightclub following the show. Supernatural Chicago has been thrilling Chicago luxury rental cars customers and locals alike for years, and will send your emotions on a rollercoaster throughout the show.

Take home more than just a spooky story

Supernatural Chicago will give you a lifetime of scary stories to tell around campfires, or on a dark night, but you can also take home great souvenirs. Show that you survived the evening with a Supernatural Chicago t-shirt, or relive some of the events with a CD.

Experience a ghostly necromance

If you don’t know what necromancy is, it’s simply a summoning of spirits or ghosts. During the funny improv, scripted bits, and other demonstrations at Supernatural Chicago, one of the most unbelievable and memorable highlights for Chicago luxury rental cars visitors is the necromancy of host Neil Tobin. Tobin brings together supernatural, magic, and psychic demonstrations which will wow the crowd. If you’re looking for a frighteningly good Friday, visit Supernatural Chicago on your next Chicago luxury rental cars vacation.

Take the spook to the streets

If Supernatural Chicago gives you a taste of the paranormal you like, Chicago also has several prominent ghost tour companies. Chicago Hauntings, Weird Chicago, Chicago Ghost Tours by Chicago Ghost Investigations, and Richard Crowe’s Chicago Supernatural Tours, are just a few of the Windy City’s ghostly tours. Most will get you to park your Chicago luxury rental cars vehicle and walk through old neighbourhoods, and regions. Or, they’ll load you onto their buses to show you cemeteries, churches, homes, and schools that have a haunted past. Many of these ghost tours will show you first hand the historic past of Chicago’s supernatural scene and will serve as an excellent primer for, or follow up to the show you take in at Supernatural Chicago. From the theatre to the streets of Chicago, there is something to scare and entertain you in the Windy City when you travel with Global Chicago luxury rental cars.

For more information feel free to visit Supernatural Chicago`s official website you’ll find all the information you need to dig the skeletons out of your closet, pack a few bags, and head off to Chicago. Global Chicago luxury rental cars will help get you to the show and back again. And don’t be afraid, the amenities found in your Chicago luxury rental cars vehicle will keep you safe, even if the evening does prove to be a little scary.