Six Flags Great America

One of the most popular theme parks with a total of 51 rides, Six Flags Great America is a popular attraction for visitors in a Chicago auto rental. First opened in 1976, it was originally Marriotts’ Great America, and then was purchased by Six Flags in 1984. Six Flags has over 14 roller coasters, 4 water slides, eight themed sections, three special themed childrens’ areas and numerous other forms of entertainment. Season passes are available for $64.99 when you buy four or more, or $74.99 for an individual pass. A one day parking pass is $20.00, and visitors in a Chicago auto rental also have the opportunity to purchase a flash pass, which allows for you to wait in line electronically so you do not have to wait in line as long. When it is your turn to ride, an alert will be sent to your Flash Pass to inform you! Open from May to October, Six Flags Great America is sure to be a fun filled experience for visitors in a Chicago auto rental.

Rides For Everyone

There are 51 rides at Six Flags, with some of the most thrilling coasters in the world! Popular rides include Batman the Ride, where guests fly like Batman, combining thrills with the magic similar to the movie. The Dark Knight is a journey through Gotham in total darkness, the American Eagle is a classic wooden racing coaster, Columbia Carousel is a 10 story high double-decker grand carousel, and the Dare Devil Dive is a free fall from 12.5 stories. Other rides include the Demon, East River Crawler, Giant Drop, Great America Raceway, Krazy Kars, the Jesters’ Wild Ride, Viper, Vortex and Typhoon, Tornado, and Superman: Ultimate Flight. Popular family rides include the Bahama Mama and Bubba Tubba, which is a multi-passenger raft down six stories. Big Easy Balloons is a balloon ride above the park, and the Orbit which is a flat spinning ride that flips you over. For kids, there are three areas designed just for them including Kidzopolis, and Skull Island. Bouncer allows children to hop on a bouncer, Krazy Kars is a convoy of cars, and Scooby Doos’ Mystery Machine is a fun filled surprise ride! Spacelys’ Sprocket Rocket is a kiddie roller coaster around Camp Cartoon! With numerous rides targeted at varying age groups, all visitors in a Chicago auto rental are sure to have a memorable and enjoyable experience!

Splish and Splash at the Water Park!

Six Flags Great America is home to one of the largest wave pools in the country, and also has numerous multi-passenger rafting adventures and other exhilarating water rides! Buccaneer Bay is a ride with tipping buckets, spray jets, and bubbling fountains. Castaway Creek is a relaxing lazy river where travelers in a Chicago auto rental can sit back and relax! The Hammerhead and Barracuda are five story tube slides, switching from opened to enclosed on the way. Paradise Plunge is another thrilling waterslide, with a downhill shoot of speeds of up to 40 miles per hour. Skull Island is the largest interactive water playground, where visitors in a Chicago auto rental can climb, slide and splash! With many other exciting activities, the water park at Six Flags is a fun and energetic place to be!

Traveling to Six Flags

Once travelers in a Chicago auto rental pick up their vehicle from Global Exotic Car Rentals, they should start out West on Madison Street toward Canal Street. Merge onto I-94 W, then onto IL-132 E/Grand Avenue. Turn right onto Spruce Street, then right onto Cedar Avenue. Next, turn right onto Dilleys Road, then left onto Woodhill Drive. Turn left onto Bough Ct, and you have reached Six Flags Great America!

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