Maxwell Street Chicago

Maxwell Street is a street in Chicago Illinois that intersects with Halsted Street and is just south of Roosevelt Road. Maxwell Street neighborhood is considered part of the Near West Side and is an old residential district. While visiting, Chicago exotic car hires can learn about the history of Maxwell Street, and how it is the location of Maxwell Street Market, the birthplace of Chicago Blues and the Maxwell Street Polish. Today, a large area of Maxwell Street is the campus of University of Illinois at Chicago and new private housing developments are being built which are sponsored by the University.

Maxwell Street Market

Formerly located on Maxwell Street, Maxwell Street Market is a Chicago tradition that offers visitors in Chicago exotic car hires with bargains every Sunday from 7 AM to 3 PM. The City of Chicago’s free Jumping Jacks inflatable will be at the Maxwell Street Market from 1 PM to 2 PM located at the north end of the market. Travelers in Chicago exotic car hires with children will have to visit Jumping Jacks while at the Maxwell Street Market. The Maxwell Street open air Market used to offer anything you could think of from clothes, produce, to cars, appliances, tools, and much more. Maxwell Street Market had a major economic impact and thrived as a multi-cultural phenomenon. In 1994 the Maxwell Street Market was moved by the City of Chicago in order to accommodate the expansion of the University of Illinois at Chicago. It is now located on Des Plains Avenue and renamed the New Maxwell Street Market.

University of Illinois Expansion into Maxwell Street

Now when visiting Maxwell Street, visitors in Chicago exotic car hires will be able to view the expansion into Maxwell Street. The University began buying into the Maxwell area and demolished several buildings. The community of Maxwell tried to petition against the University of Illinois at Chicago to not move the Maxwell Street Market, but it was turned down due to efforts of the University which were backed by the Mayor.

Popular Culture Visitors in Chicago exotic car hires Can Explore On Maxwell Street

When visiting Maxwell Street, guests in Chicago exotic car hires will learn about the past history and popular culture. Maxwell Street is where the Maxwell Street Polish Sausage sandwich originated, where famous direct-sales entrepreneur Ron Popeil began his career as a street vendor at Maxwell Street Market. Maxwell street is also where professional wrestler Colt Cabana is from, and where the United Artists film Child’s Play was filmed. Maxwell Street was also featured in the film Blues Brothers, and the television series Hill Street Blues!

The History of Blues on Maxwell Street

If visitors in Chicago exotic car hires are fan of Blues, they will love visiting Maxwell Street, the birthplace of the Chicago Blues. When black musicians first came to Chicago, they brought outdoor music with him. Early blues musicians began playing on Maxwell Street in the 1930s and 1940s where they could be heard by a great number of people. Blues became popular through blues giants such as Muddy Waters, Little Walter, Bo Diddley, and Howlin’ Wolf, and evolved into rock and roll. Another notable musician, Louis Armstrong was amongst the Delta Blues and Jazz musicians who migrated to Chicago. Shoppers who came to participate in the Maxwell Street Market thoroughly enjoyed the Blues Music on Maxwell Street. A regular who performed was Maxwell Street Jimmy Davis, who played on Maxwell Street for more than 40 years. The last Blues performances that guests in Chicago exotic car hires would have been able to witness occurred in 1999 and 2000, when a bandstand created by Frank Little Sonny Scott recently vacated by the demolition of a historic building. The extension cord for the performance ran from the last remaining building in use which was the Maxworks Cooperative headquarters. The University of Illinois banned the performances when they began demolishing what was left of the buildings and bandstand to expand the University.