Legoland Discovery Center Chicago

Legoland Discovery Center, open Monday to Friday from 12 pm to 7pm and Saturday and Sunday from 10 am to 7pm, is one of the most exciting places in Chicago for visitors in a Chicago luxury car rental. Admission is $19.00 for adults and $15.00 for children, and children under 2 can get in free! Legoland offers a variety of fun activities to discover, including the Lego Factory, Lego Studios, Dragon Quest, Jungle Adventure, Miniland, Build and Test, Master Model Builder, Technicycle, Duplo Village, Princess Palace, Physical Play, Hall of Fame, Birthday Rooms, Cafe, and Lego Shop. With such a wide variety of rides and attractions to explore, travelers in a Chicago luxury car rental are sure to have an unforgettable experience while visiting Legoland Discovery Center Chicago.

Lego Factory and Lego Studios

Lego factory provides visitors in a Chicago luxury car rental with a guided tour throughout the factory, where they are able to see how lego is made as well as interact and press buttons themselves! As well, visitors in a Chicago luxury car rental can bring home a souvenir from the factory their very own lego brick from the factory! Lego Studios is another exciting section of the center to explore, where visitors in a Chicago luxury car rental can take part in the 4D cinema, where you experience flurries, wind, rain, and lightening while viewing the incredible 4D film.

Experience the Jungle Adventure or take on the Dragon Quest!

The Jungle Adventure is an exhilarating expedition for visitors in a Chicago luxury car rental. Travel through the jungle and observe the snakes, tigers, hippos and giant spiders that keep you company on your trek! Dragon Quest is a fascinating ride that takes visitors in a Chicago luxury car rental on a ride through Legoland Castle, on a quest through the castle kitchen, royal banquet, and tickle torture room. Guests in a Chicago luxury car rental can bring home the souvenir of a photo of the ride a perfect memento to remember your fun-filled day spent at Legoland Discovery Center!

So Many Rides and Attractions to Explore!

Other then the Lego Factory, Lego Studios, Jungle Adventure and Dragon Quest, there is so much more to explore at Legoland. The Princess Palace allows guests in a Chicago luxury car rental to build their own magical palace! Duplo Village has hundreds of Duplo bricks where children are able to interact and build their own masterpiece! The Physical Play area is a colorful jungle where children can climb the climbing wall and let off some steam! The Technicycle is similar to a bicycle, where you are encouraged to peddle as fast as you can to see how high you can fly. This invigorating ride is fun for everyone. Miniland, made from 1.5 million Lego Bricks is a sight to see especially at night when the lights come out at night! Master Model Builder allows visitors in a Chicago luxury car rental the option to interact with the masters themselves with hands-on learning. The Build and Test Center allows guest to build a racing car and then test it on the test track. With so many exciting options to partake in at Legoland, there is something for everyone in a Chicago luxury car rental!

Dining and Shopping

Along with all the rides and attractions, Legoland also offers a shop and cafe! The shop features creative kits of lego bricks, as well as all the latest lego products and even some exclusive ones. The cafe offers snacks, coffee, or even a full meal for your family to relax and enjoy a meal together, while still surrounded by plenty of lego.

Fun-filled Field Trip!

Legoland offers many programs for school or group visits, packed with fun. If you are looking to book a birthday party, there is a special birthday party section, where you will receive cake and drinks. If you visit the Legoland website, you can print out your party invitations, which package you would like as well as an extras that will make your birthday an unforgettable one! Pre-School groups are able to visit for a discounted price, and many packages to suit your preferences. Legoland proves to be an educational experience, where students are able to be creative, build stories around lego, see physics in action or learn some local geography in Miniland. For more information, visit the website at or call 1-847-592-9700.