Grant Park

Referred to as the city’s front yard, Grant Park is located in the Loop community area in Chicago. Grant Park consists of Millennium Park, Buckingham Fountain, Art Institute of Chicago, and the Museum campus. The Park is famously known for the large events that are hosted at their venue. Pope John Paul II has preached an outdoor mass at Grant Park, a celebration for the Chicago Bulls were held at Grant Park, and was also the venue for President Barack Obama’s Election Day victory speech. Grant Park is also the home of Taste of Chicago, the Chicago Jazz Festival, the Chicago Blues Festival, Venetian Night, and Lollapalooza, as well as where the famous Chicago marathon starts and ends. Other facilities held at Grant Park include walking trails, public gardens, 16 softball fields, and 12 tennis courts. Visitors in a car rental Chicago airport vehicle must incorporate Grant Park into their visit to Chicago!

Buckingham Fountain

One of the main attractions at Grant Park is Buckingham Fountain, originated in 1927 by Kate Buckingham to honor her later brother. Built by Edward Bennett, the fountain is a beautiful sight to see. Visitors in a car rental Chicago airport vehicle may want to visit the Buckingham Fountain at night, where there is computerized choreography of colored spotlights. Buckingham Fountain is not the only fountain in Grant Park, however, as there are many other smaller fountains, including the four fountains with central figures in the roe gardens.

Statues and Monument at Grant Park

The famous statue of Abraham Lincoln was designed by Augustus Saint-Gaudens, and is placed on top of a pedestal in Grant Park. Other notable monuments include the Spearman and the Bowman (which is 17 feet high), bronze equestrian states of Indian Warriors, and modern monuments such as iron figures which are called Agora. Visitors in a car rental Chicago airport vehicle are able to experience all the statues and monuments that play a pivotal role in the identity of Chicago citizens and are of great importance to the people of Chicago.

Art Institute of Chicago

Another integral building in Grant Park is the Chicago Art Institute, built in 1893, which is one of the most popular museums that provides an extensive collection of art from around the world. Covering a total of one million square feet, the Art Institute of Chicago is the second largest museum in the United States. Visitors in a car rental Chicago airport vehicle are able to view many unique and innovative exhibitions, with numerous collections including African, American, Ancient, Modern, Contemporary and many more.

Millennium Park

One of the top Chicago tourist attractions, Millennium Park consists of beautiful architecture, luxuriously landscape and parklands, and continuously celebrates the arts of the citizens of Chicago. An award-winning center for music, art, architecture, and landscape design, Millennium Park is the home of an outdoor music pavilion, ice rink and theater, modern fountain, and the Cloud Gate, which is an iconic monument. As well, Millennium Park is connected to the Art Institute.

Marinas and Harbors

Another beautiful part of Grant Park is the two marinas that are located on Lake Michigan. Monroe Harbor is the home of both the Chicago Yacht Club and the Columbia Yacht Club. Well known for their exquisite service and beautiful facilities, Monroe Harbor is a great place for pleasure and leisure boat marinas. The second marina is Du Sable Harbor, which offers 420 docks and a harbor store. Both of these harbors can easily be accessed by visitors in a car rental Chicago airport vehicle from Lake Shore Drive near Monroe Street.

Traveling to Grant Park

Once visitors in a car rental Chicago airport vehicle pick up their vehicle from Global Exotic Car Rentals, Grant Park is only four minutes away. Start out West on Madison Street toward Canal Street, and then turn right onto Canal Street. Turn right onto Washington Street, then left onto Wacker Drive/ Upper Wacker Drive, and continue on Wacker Drive. Take a slight right onto Wacker Plaza, then right onto Upper Michigan Avenue and continue to follow Michigan Avenue. Turn left onto Randolph Street, keep right on Randolph Street, and you will reach Grant Park.