Getting to Know Chicago

The Loop, Chi-Town, The Windy City all are synonymous with the city of Chicago. But just what makes this urban vacation destination so unique with travelers in Chicago rental cars? Is it the Magnificent Mile shopping area? Or perhaps it’s because of the busy convention circuit. Or maybe, just maybe, it’s because Oprah lives here. Whatever your theory, Chicago is definitely one of the nation’s hottest travel destinations. In this article, the staff of Global Exotic Chicago Car Rentals outlines some of the city’s key features, as well as provides you with helpful navigating advice. So what are you waiting for? Start planning your Windy City adventure today.

Making your way around the city

Travelers in Chicago rental cars should note that the city is laid out in a grid system, which makes for an easy commute across town. Because the city itself isn’t rectangular, (it stretches for 29 miles along the Lake Michigan shoreline), you may hit a few navigational snags, but the perpendicular pattern always remains. If you need to get across town quickly, travelers in Chicago rental cars can hop on one of the six or so major diagonal thoroughfares.

An easy address system

Chicago has a highly predictable addressing system, which makes navigating around town a cinch. Virtually all of the city’s principal north/south to east/west arteries are spaced in increments of 400 on the addressing system. Furthermore, each addition or subtraction of 400 numbers to an address is equal to a half-mile. (Don’t worry, it’s not nearly as confusing as it sounds!). For example, if you were to begin a tour of the city at point zero (the downtown intersection of State and Madison Street) and travelled north along State Street for one mile, you will find yourself in front of 800 North State Street, at the intersection of Chicago Avenue.

Still need help? Travelers in Chicago rental cars can drop by one of the city’s visitor information centers at the Chicago Cultural Center or the Chicago Water Works Visitor Center for maps and assistance.

Rules of the road

Unless otherwise posted, travelers in Chicago rental cars are permitted to turn right on a red light after they have stopped and signaled. Of course, not everyone follows this rule. Travelers in Chicago rental cars should be prepared for aggressive drivers and unexpected turns without signaling. It’s also worth noting the Chicago drivers tend to see yellow lights as a challenge rather than a warning. Most local drivers will speed up at the sight of the amber light; if you prefer to play it safe and slow down don’t be surprised to hear a number of angry horns honking behind you!

Parking recommendations for the Windy City

Parking is often hard to find in the busy downtown Loop neighborhood, so always keep your eyes peeled for prime spots. And remember regulations are vigorously enforced by local municipal officers. Travelers in Chicago rental cars should read signs carefully. For example, the streets around Michigan Avenue have parking restrictions during rush hour. The neighborhood around Wrigley Field is strictly off-limits during Cubs games, and many neighborhoods offer resident-only street parking. If you’re hoping to spend an entire day downtown, Global Exotic recommends parking in the city-run Millennium Park garage. The charge is $17 for up to 8 hours. Travelers in Chicago rental cars will find two additional lots underneath Grant Park at $22 for up to 8 hours. Other downtown lots can be found at 55 East Monroe Street and 600 East Grand Avenue.

Chicago truly is the jewel of America’s heartland, combining stylish sophistication with a tireless work-ethic. Travelers in Chicago rental cars will have no problem adjusting to the way of life in this vibrant community, but there’s no need to take our word for it. Reserve a vehicle from Global Exotic Car Rentals today and explore everything Chicago has to offer yourself!