Field Museum of National History

Located in Chicago Illinois, the Field Museum of National History contains over 21 million specimens and exhibits including the largest and most complete Tyrannosaurus, human cultural anthropology exhibit, and artifacts from ancient Egypt, the Pacific Northwest, the Pacific Islands and Tibet. The Field Museum of National History allows visitors in a cheap car rental Chicago to witness a large taxidermy collection with many large animals, a large collection of dinosaurs, and a large collection of Native American artifacts. With numerous exhibits, educational opportunities, research collections, and a museum store, travelers in a cheap car rental Chicago will be have a memorable experience exploring all that the Field Museum of National History has to offer!


Exhibits concentrated on nature include Africa, where visitors in a cheap car rental Chicago are able to gain insight into the cultures and environment of animals in the African continent. Animal Biology enlightens visitors on how species may become endangered, as well as many other prominent issues in biology today. Interested in bird watching? Then Bird Habitats is the place for you! Birdwatchers are able to explore several beautiful birds including peacocks, penguins, quetzals, and weavers. Bushman is an exhibition that allows travelers in a cheap car rental Chicago to meet the most popular primate, a Gorilla who once lived at Lincoln Zoo. The exhibit Lions of Tsavo shows off the lions that once terrorized East Africa, and guests are able to learn why they no longer have manes! The Mammals of Africa exhibit includes aardvarks, zebras and everything in between! The Field Museum of National History also offers several exhibits about culture. The Africa Exhibit allows visitors in a cheap car rental Chicago the ability to gain insight about the cultures and differing environment of Africa, whereas Inside Ancient Egypt explores the secrets of tombs and mummies. The Eskimos and Northwest Coast Indians Exhibit compares and contrasts the life in the Arctic. The Ancient Americas is one of the newest exhibits, which examine the tale of the people of America, and the important artifacts that are of great significance. Pawnee Earth Lodge is a reconstruction of a Pawnee lodge which allows visitors in a cheap car rental Chicago the ability to explore the traditional ways of the tribe. Finally, Webber Gallery allows visitors to explore the numerous contemporary Native American cultures.

Educational Opportunities

Schools are able to registers for programs at the museum, however must be registered two weeks in advance. An online registration form allows for the organizer to find out the admission costs, payment options, and a checklist that is mandatory for the trip. The Field Museum of Natural History also allows for teachers to bring the museum to the children and prepare them for their visit with teacher resources and online learning. The Harris Educational Loan Center allows for material to be distributed to Chicago-area schools from the Field Museum. Thousands of loans are made to classroom educators, benefiting numerous students throughout Chicago.


Collections found at the Field Museum include genres of Anthropology, Botany, Cultural Understanding and change, Environmental and Conservation Programs, Geology, Photography, Zoology and the Pritzker Lab. The biological and anthropological collections originated and founded the Field Museum and are the core of the collections that are now available for viewing at the Field Museum. These astounding collections provide a foundation for the exhibitions that are offered, as well as the research and education programs.

Museum Store

The museum store is home to a wide variety of products that meet the needs of every visitor in a cheap car rental Chicago. Categories of products found in the store include Egyptian, Dinosaurs, Jewelry, For Kids, Green Gifts, One of a Kind, World Cultures, Field Museum and Native American. There are numerous unique hand craft gifts, books, stationary and educational toys that will be a memorable representation of your time spent at the Field Museum of Natural History.

For more information, visit the Field Museum website at or call 312-922-9410.