Chicago Food Trucks

When travelers in exotic car rentals Chicago visit Chicago, they can experience the many delicious Food Trucks that Chicago has to offer. Chicago Food Trucks brings the best of Food Trucks to the streets of Chicago for visitors in exotic car rentals Chicago. The Chicago Food Trucks social media information is all posted on the Chicago Food Trucks website, where guests in exotic car rentals Chicago can check out what kind of foods are offered at each location.

About the Chicago Food Trucks Movement

The Chicago Food Trucks Movement started in March 2010 when food trucks in Chicago did not really exist. Owner of Gaztro Wagon Matt Maroni drafted an ordinance to present to the city of Chicago in order to allow food to be cooked and served from a mobile food truck. Food trucks have recently become very popular in other large cities such as Los Angeles and New York. Chicago Food Trucks was originated to inform the public about the food trucks, as well as to gather opinions to see what kind of food trucks people would like to see on the streets of Chicago. Visitors in exotic car rentals Chicago can learn about all the food trucks in Chicago by visiting and get up-to-the-minute updated on their locations, as well as food truck only events!

Food Truck Events

When visiting Chicago, travelers in exotic car rentals Chicago can attend a Chicago Food Truck Event. Events include food truck parties, festivals, or other public events where there are multiple trucks participating. If guests in exotic car rentals Chicago would like to have a food truck party in their parking lot, they must [email protected] and Chicago Food Trucks will help to gather many food trucks! Upcoming events include Food Truck Tuesdays at Lincoln Park, organized by Mobile Cuisine Magazine. Travelers in exotic car rentals Chicago can attend Truckin’ Thursday’s at Ethyl’s which occurs every Friday night where there will be 7 food trucks! There are many delicious food options and beverages!

What Kind of Food Are Visitors in exotic car rentals Chicago Looking For?

As trucks open on the streets of Chicago, they are posted on the website This way, the people of Chicago can keep up with the new restaurants that are on wheels and where they will be! Food Trucks that guests in exotic car rentals Chicago may enjoy include Cupcakes for Courage, Gaztro Wagon, Haute Sausage, SamichBox, Star Fruit, Steakwich, The Lunch Machine, The Slide Ride and Wagyu Wagon which features Beef Burgers and high end dishes on a truck! If travelers in exotic car rentals Chicago are interested in launching a food truck, they should e-mail their website, logo, and social media information [email protected]

The Best of Chicago Food Trucks

Hummingbird Kitchen is a 28-foot food truck built by the owners of Evanston’s Campagnola and Union Pizzeria. The fully equipped kitchen cooks up fresh hot items such as crab cake sandwiches and braised short-rib tacos. Visitors in exotic car rentals Chicago can find Flirty Cupcakes in a pink and blue ice-cream van. Flirty Cupcakes offers flavors such as Mocha Me Smile and the banana-chocolate Curious George. Cupcakes are $3.25 each or four mini cupcakes for $5.25. Another delicious cupcake van travelers in exotic car rentals Chicago will enjoy is the Gold Coast Cupcake Shop, which offers more than a dozen flavors including chocolate-on-chocolate Valrhona and bacon-maple. On the truck’s opening week they sold over 12,000 cupcakes! The Gaztro-Wagon offers visitors in exotic car rentals Chicago a “naan-wich” with fillings such as braised lamb or lobster in a freshly baked flatbread wrap. The Meatyballs Mobile offers innuendo-laden meatball sandwiches on Labriola baguettes with favorites such as sweet and spicy Thai’d Balls and Not Yo’ Daddy’s Balls. The Simple Sandwich is a great place to enjoy delicious sandwiches such as the grilled chicken with Spanish chorizo and piquillo pepper jam on French bollo. Happy Bodega offers granola bars, coffee, baguette sandwiches or Happy Pockets!

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