Chicago Accommodations Overview

Big city living is at its best in Chi-Town, so prepare for an unforgettable experience during your upcoming vacation. Travelers in Chicago car rentals will find exciting amenities, engaging attractions, and unbelievable accommodations in the Windy City, resulting in the quintessential urban outing. From luxury hotels to low-priced lodgings, you’re sure to find the perfect home-away-from-home in this metropolitan city.

Beware the business traveler

When it comes to reserving hotel rooms in Chicago, it helps to know what’s happening on the hospitality front. Chicago is a town that caters first and foremost to the business traveler, which tends to keep room rates high during the week. If you’re trying to book a budget-savvy vacation, the staff at Global Exotic Chicago Car Rentals recommend visiting during the city’s low season, which falls between January and March. Of course, you never know when a huge convention could roll in and gobble up all of the most desirable downtown rooms (even on the weekend). Travelers in Chicago car rentals are encouraged to book their accommodations well in advance at any time of the year. For the latest convention schedules, contact the Chicago Convention & Tourism Bureau at 312-567-8500.

Getting a handle on room rates

The city of Chicago is packed with hotels, and the competition among luxury properties is pretty intense (both the Ritz-Carlton and Four Seasons have won international awards for their service). With that being said, travelers in Chicago car rentals can anticipate relatively high room rates, especially in the downtown neighborhoods. The very finest luxury accommodations start at $400 a night and are seldom discounted. The vast majority of accommodations in the downtown fall into the expensive to moderately expensive range and cost between $200 and $400 a night. And while this may seem unreasonable, just look at what you’ll receive in return rooms with views of skyscrapers, spa services, and gourmet restaurants. Luxury hotels certainly come with their perks!

Consider a condo hotel

If privacy is a major concern for you and your Chicago car rentals crew, perhaps you should consider staying at one of Chicago’s lavish condo hotel establishments. These properties sell studios and apartments that owners then rent out to high-end travelers. Per-night room rates begin at $300, and including a fully furnished lodging. One great example of a Chicago condo hotel is the Trump International Hotel & Tower on Wabash Avenue. The second tallest building in the city, behind the Sears Tower, the Trump building features fantastic views of the skyline as well as all of the necessary luxury amenities. Travelers in Chicago car rentals should also look into the Amalfi Hotel, as well as the Elysian both offer unique accommodation options for discerning travelers.

How to reserve your room

Travelers in Chicago car rentals can reserve a room in the Windy City online, over the phone, or in person. It’s worth noting that the best rates tend to show up online, usually on the property’s official website. Just remember if you do book a room online, remember to follow up with a phone call in order to discuss the particulars of your room. You wouldn’t want to be stuck with a view of an alley way when you could enjoy one of the Sears Tower. If you’re traveling on business, remember to ask your company about any corporate accounts that they might have. Many hotels offer discounts of roughly 10% to individuals who are visiting the city on business.

A quick note about smoking

Travelers in Chicago car rentals are encouraged to ask about smoking arrangements prior to booking a room at a downtown hotel. Most hotels offer rooms or entire floors dedicated to nonsmokers, providing travelers in Chicago car rentals with a breathe of fresh air. If it’s important to you, remember to ask during the reservation process.

For more information on accommodations in Chicago, check out the Chicago Convention & Tourism Bureau’s website at Travelers in Chicago car rentals can also compare rates online