Brookfield Zoo

Rent a car Chicago travelers will discover thousands of animals inside the gigantic Brookfield Zoo. This wildlife preserve spans more than 216 acres, and houses some of the world’s most beloved creatures camels, dolphins, baboons, tigers you name a species, and the zoo probably has a habitat designed to meet their specific needs! Creative indoor and outdoor settings, combined with naturalistic environments and animal groupings, make for an educational and exciting vacation experience.

Unbelievable exhibits help visitors embrace nature

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a first time visitor to the Brookfield Zoo, or a longtime member, there’s always something new for you to learn during your visit. From fascinating facts to environmental awareness, rent a car Chicago travelers will enjoy an unforgettable experience at the Brookfield Zoo. Realistic exhibits at the Zoo include the Seven Seas dolphin pool, the Regenstein Wolf Woods, and the multifaceted Habitat Africa! display. Rent a car Chicago travelers will have the opportunity to meet friendly elephants at the Pachydermy House, pet cunning stingrays at Stringray Bay, and feed the colorful birds at the Perching Bird House. Special children’s exhibits include the Hamill Family Play Zoo and the Children’s Zoo exhibits.

Explore the Great Bear Wilderness

The newest exhibit to be unveiled at the Brookfield Zoo is the Great Bear Wilderness habitat. This naturalistic habitat area features iconic North American animals like grizzly bears, polar bears, bison, and eagles. Spanning over 7.5 acres, this state-of-the-art attraction provides rent a car Chicago travelers with an up-close look at the survival challenges faced by some of our most beloved indigenous species. This exciting new exhibit includes a prairie setting where the bison roam free, a mesh aviary where bald eagles hunt and nest, and an enormous bear yard, complete with underwater viewing area. This new exhibit is presented by Dominick’s and admission is included with your Brookfield Zoo ticket.

Meal time isn’t just for animals at the Brookfield Zoo

Walking around the zoo can really work up an appetite. When you’re stomach starts to growl louder than the lions it’s time to visit one of the many unique eateries located within the zoo. Rent a car Chicago travelers will enjoy healthy meal options at each of the food stands and restaurants, thanks to trans-fat free cooking practices. Seasonal restaurants at the zoo include the Bison Prairie Grill (located near the Great Bear Wilderness), and the Bistro at the Grotto (located near the Bear Grottos). Seasonal snack stands are located near the Pachyderm House, and near the north and south gates. Year-round food vendors are located near the Living Coast exhibit, and right next to the Seven Seas dolphin area.

General information about the Brookfield Zoo

Rent a car Chicago travelers are welcome to visit the zoo daily from 10am to 5pm. Admission to the zoo is $13.50 for adults, $9.50 for seniors and children, and free to all zoo members. Discounted all-in-one tickets are offered for $25 for adults and $19 for seniors and children (these tickets include admission to the zoo as well as the Dolphin Presentation, the Children’s Zoo, the Hamill Family Play Zoo, the Motor Safari, and the carousel). Free admission to the zoo is offered to all rent a car Chicago travelers on Tuesdays and Thursdays from October 1 to December 31. Parking rates are $9 for cars and vans and $12 for buses.

Directions to the Zoo

Rent a car Chicago travelers will find the zoo located on First Avenue between Ogden Avenue and 31st Street in Brookfield, Illinois, about 14 miles west of Chicago. To get to the zoo, take the Eisenhower Expressway (I-290) to the First Avenue exit. Signs on First Avenue will direct you to the zoo’s main entrance and the zoo parking area.

For more information on the Brookfield Zoo, please visit the official brookfield website