Bronzeville Children’s Museum

The first and only African-American children’s museum in the country, Bronzeville Children’s Museum, is located on the South Side of Chicago. Founded in 1998, visitors in Chicago luxury rental cars can discover African American culture and history. Named after Bronzeville, where African-Americans settled in Chicago after coming from the south, Bronzeville is designed for children ages 3 to 9. Visitors in Chicago luxury rental cars can select either the Motherland to Chicago Tour to learn about the journey of African-Americans from Africa to Chicagoland, the It’s Easy Being Green and African-Americans in Green tour where guests in Chicago luxury rental cars can learn how to do their part in saving the planet, and finally the Tour of Bronzeville Landmarks, which features African-American inventors.


The “Motherland to Chicagoland” tour explains the African-American journey from Africa to Chicagoland. Guests in Chicago luxury rental cars can experience a Safari, learn about African musical instruments, as well as learn about jazz in the Grand Terrace Cafe. The Comed Bronzeville Gallery features African-American inventors including Lewis H. Latimer inventory of the long-lasting filament in the light bulb and Garrett A. Morgan, the inventor of the traffic light. Guests in Chicago luxury rental cars may also experience the “It’s Easy Being Green” tour where they can learn how to save the planet by using the energy and resources more effectively and efficiently. Binga Bank allows guests in Chicago luxury rental cars to learn about Jesse Binga, the banker of Bronzeville. The Provident Hospital Gallery allows visitors in Chicago luxury rental cars to learn about the first African American Hospital, and about Dr. Daniel Williams who performed the first successful open heart surgery operation. The Jewel-Osco Grocery store teaches children to shop for healthy meals.

Class Trips

If guests in Chicago luxury rental cars want to schedule a class trip, they can call Bronzeville Children’s Museum at 773-721-9301. The Museum is open from 10 AM to 4PM from Tuesday to Saturday, with tour hours at 10 AM, 11 AM, 12 PM, 1 PM, and 2 PM. The admission is $5.00 per person. This exceptional museum is a great educational opportunity for students.

Educational Games

The Bronzeville Children’s Museum offers many educational games, including Food For Thought Game, Heroes of the Underground Railroad Match Game, Thumb Piano Game and Chicago Giant Footsteps Game. Other games include the Bronzeville Robot versus Evil Cannon and the Dinosaur Jigsaw Puzzle.

Become a Member

If visitors in Chicago luxury rental cars are looking to become a member, the application process is quite simple. Visitors can apply in person or print off the membership form from the website. Guests in Chicago luxury rental cars must fill out whether they want a family, individual, sponsor, or benefactor membership.


Donations to Bronzeville Children’s Museum are always greatly appreciated. If guests in Chicago luxury rental cars want to join the effort in bringing African-American history to life to young people, they may participate in one of six types of sponsorship. Categories include bronze, crystal, silver, gold, platinum, or diamond. Sponsors receive numerous benefits including invitations to special events, recognition on the “Builder’s Wall”, inclusion in the annual report, free subscription to the “Building Blocks” newsletter, discounts on Museum Store Goods and tax-deductible donation.

Traveling to Bronzeville Children’s Museum

Travelers in Chicago luxury rental cars should start out west on Madison Street towards Canal Street. Merge onto I-90/I-94 via the ramp on the left. Keep left to take the Dan Ryan Express toward Garfield Boulevard. Take the Stony Island Avenue Exit, then the North Stony Island Avenue ramp towards 95th Street. Merge onto Stony Island Exit and Bronzeville Children’s Museum is located at 9301 Stony Island Avenue.