Bronzeville Chicago

Bronzeville Chicago is a neighborhood located in the Douglas and Grand Boulevard community area on the South Side of the City of Chicago. Visitors in a Chicago exotic car rental can access Bronzeville via the Green and Red Lines of the Chicago Transit Authority or the Metra Electric District Main Line. In the 20th Century Bronzeville was known as the Black Metropolis, as it holds many landmarks of African-American history.

History of Bronzeville

While visiting Bronzeville, guests in a Chicago exotic car rental can learn about African-American urban history, and how Bronzeville evolved after the peak of the Great Migration that increased the population dramatically when thousands of African-Americans fled the oppression and immigrated to Chicago in search of industrial jobs. Well-known people associated with the development of the Bronzeville area include Andrew Rube Foster (founder of the Negro National Baseball League), Ida B Wells (civil rights activist and organizer of the NAACP), Margaret Taylor-Burroughs (noted artist, author, and co-founder of the DuSable Museum of African American History) Bessie Coleman (first African-American woman pilot) actress Marla Gibbs and legendary singers Sam Cooke and Lou Rawls.

Education in Bronzeville

Chicago Schools that students in a Chicago exotic car rental may attend includes Beethoven School, Phillips Academy High School, Bronzeville Scholastic Institute, Chicago Military Academy, and Walter H. Dyett High School. Bronzeville is also home to the Illinois Institute of Technology, famously known for its engineering and architecture programs. Bronzeville is also home to the VanderCook College of Music and the Illinois College of Optometry. In 2006, Great Brooks liberal arts school Shimer College also moved into the Bronzeville neighborhood.

Visitors in a Chicago exotic car rental Can Explore Bronzeville

The Victory Monument, on Martin Luther King Drive salutes African American regiment in the first World War. Also located in Bronzeville is the Walk of Fame that features influential African Americans, including Vivian Harsh who was the first black librarian in the Chicago Public Library System. The Vivian G. Harsh Research Collection of African-American History and Literature fills a wing of the Carter G. Woodson Regional Library. Bronzeville also offers visitors in a Chicago exotic car rental with greystones, redstones, homes of civil rights pioneer Ida B. Wells, publisher Robert S. Abbott and congressman Oscar Stanton de Priest. The Marx Brothers also lived on this boulevard in Bronzeville before the Great Migration, as well as Nat King Col and Richard Wright. Meyer’s Ace Hardware used to be Sunset Cafe and later the Grand Terrace Cafe which featured jazzmen including Armstrong, Calloway and Goodman.

Things To See and Do In Bronzeville

Guests in a Chicago exotic car rental can enjoy pork or mac and cheese at Pearl’s Place, see the Faie African Art Gallery, or stroll down Cottage Grove to grab a bite to eat at the Ain’t She Sweet Cafe. Another great place that visitors in a Chicago exotic car rental can stop by is Chicago’s Home of Chicken and Waffles, where visitors will surely satisfy their appetite. The Wall of Daydreaming and Man’s Inhumanity to Man is a mural at King Drive that was restored in 2003 that is a truly amazing spectacle. Other attractions that visitors in a Chicago exotic car rental can explore include Alison Saar’s Monument to the Great Northern Migration, Chicago Defender, Chicago Military Academy, the Former Residence of Daniel H. Burnham, the Former Residence of Comedy Act Butterbeans and Susie, the Former Residence of Louis Armstrong, Former Residence of Nat King Cole, Former Residence of Politian Oscar Staton DePriest, Gallery Guichard, George Cleveland Hall Branch, Groveland Park, and Washington Park.

Delicious Dining Options In Bronzeville

There are many delicious venues that visitors in a Chicago exotic car rental can stop to grab a bite to eat. Abundance Bakery, Ain’t She Sweet Cafe, Bronzeville Coffee and Tea and Chicago Home of Chicken and Waffles are all very popular restaurants that offer tasty options to guests in a Chicago exotic car rental. Other great options include Pearl’s Place, Rick’s Munchies, and Mother Butter’s Popcorn Confectionary.