The Real Cost of Owning an Exotic Car (And Why Renting Makes More Sense!)

March 18, 2016
Ever wonder why some wealthy people drive unimpressive cars? Instead of cruising the streets in a Bentley or Ferrari, some celebrities and CEOs prefer to stick with a more economical form of transportation. These multi-millionaires live in lavish homes and sport expensive clothing, which begs the question..   What’s up with their rides? After a little digging, we’ve discovered the truth: owning a luxury vehicle is a bad investment. From taxes to insurance, the costs are astronomical when it comes to maintaining and operating a luxury car. Save yourself the unnecessary expensive of owning an exotic vehicle – rent an exotic car rental in Chicago instead!   Costs to consider Thinking about buying an exotic car rather than renting an exotic car rental in Chicago? Think again! Here are just a few of the costs you’ll be confronted with when you decide to invest in an expensive automobile.   Sky-high taxes The initial price of an exotic car rental is steep before you add on sales tax. Since vehicles are taxed based on a percentage of their sticker price, expect to pay a significant amount on top of the already ridiculous purchase price. Currently, the sales tax in Chicago is 9.75%. That means you can expect to be taxed roughly $25,000 on the purchase of a $250,000 Ferrari. Why bother when you can rent an exotic car rental in Chicago for $499 a day?   Increased insurance coverage Exotic vehicles cost more to insure – a lot more. No insurance company wants to foot the bill for replacing or repairing a Lamborghini. That’s why they charge exotic car owners significantly more for insurance coverage. Before you decide to buy that Aston Martin or Porsche, take a minute to talk with your insurance agent. You might change your mind once you find out how much your monthly premium will increase after purchasing a premium vehicle.   Ongoing maintenance Maintaining a exotic car is costly. First,  you’ll need to find a garage that specializes in luxury vehicle repairs. You don’t want just anyone replacing the air filter on a Maserati. Parts for your exotic vehicle will also cost more to order in and install. When you choose to rent a luxury car rental in Chicago maintenance is no longer your problem. Reserve your exotic car rental online now.   Astronomical fuel costs If you thought filling up with regular fuel was expense, just wait until you have to purchase premium petrol every week. Exotic vehicles require the highest quality of fuel in order to achieve peak performance. Failure to fill up with high octane gas could cause damage to the engine, resulting in costly repairs.   Storage costs There’s a reason why you don’t see expensive cars parked on the curb or out in a driveway. These vehicles need to be stored securely in order to avoid damage and the threat of vandalism. Rolls Royces, Bentleys, and Ferraris should be stored in a facility that features climate control and security.   Cleaning and detailing Let’s face it, if you own an exotic car it has to be kept in pristine condition. That involves constant cleaning, both inside and out. You’ll also want to make sure that your car is properly protected from the elements with undercoatings, wax treatments and more. Of course, this all costs money. Why waste your hard earned cash on upkeep when you can simply rent an exotic car rental in Chicago and let Global Exotics handle all of the detailing for you?   Owning an exotic car rental is costly. Save yourself the expense – rent an exotic car rental in Chicago from Global Exotic Car Rentals. View our extensive selection of immaculate exotic rental vehicles today before placing your reservation.

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