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What to Look for in a Chicago Exotic Car Rental Service

March 18, 2016

Trying to decide between a number of Chicago exotic car rental services? When it comes to selecting a exotic service provider, don't just jump on the first name you see in the phone book. A exotic car rental service should offer exceptional service, special amenities, and an amazing vehicle selection....

Intersections to Avoid in Chicago

March 18, 2016

It’s always helpful to know which intersections in a city to avoid, particularly when you’re in a Chicago luxury rental car. Chicago intersections can be dangerous and slow. In 2003 and 2005, 48 Chicago Intersections were found to have had five or more pedestrian collisions. Below is the list of...

Rush Street in Chicago

March 18, 2016

Like many other aspects of Chicago, Rush Street has an interesting history. While driving down Rush Street in your luxury car rental in Chicago, you may be interested to know that it is one of the oldest thoroughfares, tracing its roots back to 1837. (more…)

Chicago’s Maxwell Street

March 18, 2016

As the center of blues and the “Maxwell Street Polish (sausage sandwich)”, Maxwell Street in Chicago carries with it an interesting history. Driving down Maxwell Street in your Chicago luxury car rental requires some historical understanding to truly appreciate the importance of this street in regards to Chicago’s contemporary culture....

Chicago’s Convenient ParkCard

March 18, 2016

One of the most frustrating hassles of traveling by car is always finding parking. Whether the problem is looking for a spot, getting your door dented by the car next to you, or having to make that out-of-the-way trip to the ATM because the lot is cash only, parking is...

Lake Shore Drive, Chicago

March 18, 2016

When you visit Chicago, a visit to Lake Shore Drive with your luxury car rentals in Chicago is must-do! There’s so much to see and do, that one article can’t cover everything. Here are some highlights, but go and explore to discover the exciting activities the street has to offer....

About Chicago Expressways

March 18, 2016

Chicago has seven major interstate highways crossing through it. However, the various roadways are not typically referred to by their Interstate names, but by their given names. The local vernacular uses "Expressway" for most Interstate highways. That said, it is most common for Chicagoans to omit the designation entirely and refer to...

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