Signs of a Good Car Rental Chauffeur

March 18, 2016
If you would like to make the most of your vacation by not having to drive your luxury car rental, you may consider finding a chauffeur, or driver, to take you around town in your Global Exotic car. This will allow you to relax in the car and really enjoy the scenery of Chicago or Phoenix. And not knowing a new city is one of the most frustrating things about driving on vacation – you don’t know where to go, shortcuts, etc. A chauffeur can help you with all of this. How do you know if you’ve picked a good chauffeur? Read on… Use a referral service One of the most important things when choosing a chauffeur for your luxury car rental is to use a referral service that you’re comfortable with in Chicago or Phoenix. You can find out which company is best by doing a little research online before your trip. You will be giving your trust to this person not only with your luxury car rental, but also with your safety! It is important that they are qualified, and by using a reputable referral service, you can ensure drivers have received proper training, certification, and possibly even insurance (look into what the referral service provides their drivers). A quick search on Yelp or any other website that allows users to comment on service they’ve received is also a good idea, but don’t let a few very good or very bad reviews influence you. You should look at the comments as a whole, and the more comments provided, the better. Dress for success First impressions count. Your chauffeur should be dressed properly when they get you with your luxury car rental unless you tell them to dress casually. A good chauffeur will take pride in the way they look and will dress professionally in business dress. A “people person” A good chauffer is a “people person”, but at the same time has a lot of discretion. They will have a little chat with you when they arrive, but allow you to carry on your personal discussions when you are in the car (unless, of course, you ask them for their input). They should keep anything they hear confidential as well. The chauffeur should have good knowledge of the city and be able to make recommendations about what to see, what to do, where to eat, etc. Because a chauffeur needs to deal with many types of people, they need to be able to read people and determine the best way to handle them in the car. Punctuality – on time, every time Punctuality is very important for a chauffeur. They should be on time, every time they pick you up with your luxury car rental. In fact, they should probably get there early, but they also know that you may be busy getting ready or doing other things, so they wait until you are ready to leave. There is really no excuse for them being late with your luxury car rental. There are many better things for you to do with your time in Chicago and Phoenix than wait around! Flexibility Sometimes, things happen that we (and your chauffeur!) have no control over. Your chauffeur should be able to think on their feet and be able to react to these situations. If there is an accident on your route, they should be able to pick an alternate route. If the restaurant you wanted to visit is closed, they should be able to make a recommendation for an alternative place to eat. It is fairly easy to drive a luxury car rental, but when something unexpected happens, this is where a great chauffeur will differentiate themselves from a decent chauffeur. You get what you pay for The old adage “you get what you pay for” definitely applies to hiring a chauffeur. This is not to say that you need to go out and spend the most money because they may be better, but you need to get the best value for the money you are spending. Look into what the chauffeur company offers as part of their fees – is the chauffeur covered by their insurance? Or do you need to have insurance? Sometimes, the cheapest option is not the best option. The bottom line When you hire a chauffeur for your luxury car rental, you need to decide which chauffeur qualities are the most important to you and use that to determine the best value for your money. You can find out more about the fleet of cars Global Exotic has available by visiting their website at Fleet & rates.

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