Range Rover HSE Sport

Range Rover Rental Chicago by Global Exotic Car Rentals. Pedigree means everything at the top end of the sport-utility market, and no luxury SUV has more pedigree than the Land Rover Range Rover. Today, luxury SUVs are practically everywhere, but the Range Rover maintains the iconic brand’s original formula of off-road superiority while also benefiting from all the usual refinements of a modern luxury vehicle. From a luxury perspective, it’s probably the most elegant and distinctive utility vehicle on the market. Rent our Range Rover for that special trip out of town or just for a great weekend in Chicago.
Our All-new Range Rover is packed with options for your enjoyment. Options include, CD Player, Navigation, Satellite Radio, Rear-Backup Camera, Xeon headlights, heated seats, Bluetooth and AUX in for your iPod connection! For Range Rover Rentals in Chicago, choose Chicago’s premiere Range Rover rental service, Global Exotic Car Rentals.

Daily Rate $499/Day
3-6 Days: $459/Day
7+ Days: $399/Day
Miles Included: 100/Day
Additional Miles: $0.75/mile

Chicago, IL



  • $95K

  • 340HP

  • 100 MHP

  • 10 SEC

  • 4WD