Chicago Traffic Tracker App Review

March 18, 2016
When you drive one of our exotic car rentals Chicago vehicles, it can be a very thrilling experience. You will have the fastest and nicest looking car on the road. Unless you are stuck in traffic, in which case you will still be in a nice car, but you will be as frustrated as the rest of them. Enter the Chicago Traffic Tracker, a driver’s best friend. Slow, parking lot-esque traffic is a problem in many a large city, but with this app you will no longer be another victim of a traffic jam. You may even be part of the solution, by taking alternative routes, resulting in less congestion for your fellow drivers!  

What is it?

Chicago Traffic Tracker is your “one tap app” for live traffic information straight to your exotic car rentals Chicago vehicle. The information is always accurate, fast, and – most importantly – the app is free to download! The app will determine your location and deliver a life traffic map to your iPhone. There is no longer a need for those awkward traffic cameras. All you need to do is load the map to see the jams. No muss, no fuss.  

How It Works

The Chicago Traffic Tracker app uses GPS satellites which work to give you live traffic information for where you are at any moment. However, you do need to connect to EDGE, the 3G network or WiFi in order to get up-to-the-minute information on traffic conditions while you are in one of our exotic car rentals Chicago vehicles.  

How to Work It

As said previously, this app will determine your location and deliver a live traffic map. More importantly, it will show you back-ups and traffic jams in your area so you and your Global Exotic Car Rentals Chicago vehicle can avoid them. In order to plan your route more effectively, you can drag and move the interactive map to see how things are stacking up for your commute (and perhaps make alternative arrangements if needed!). If you want to toggle to some of the app’s other neat features (more on those later), it can be done in one of two ways. First, you could simply swipe left or right on the screen. Or you could tap an individual category. The selected category will be aligned with the top arrow. The new category will change in colour to indicate the selection.  

Some Great Additional Features

As if sending traffic information to you while driving one of our exotic car rentals in Chicago wasn’t enough. This app will also provide you information on weather, gas prices, and city transit information and alerts. So not only will you know if there’s traffic, but you can tell if the weather is going to be nasty or if today is the day to beat everyone to the pumps and fill up. If the weather is going to be nasty or the traffic is just way too congested, you can access information about Chicago’s city transit with ease. Not sure what the transit fare is in Chicago? No worries, Chicago Traffic Tracker has that covered too.   If you find a piece of information that’s too burning-hot to keep to yourself, you can also share the information to your various social networking sites. If you want to share to Twitter, take note: you will need to download the Twitterific or Twitterific Lite app. You can also share via text or e-mail. To save annoying backtracking, you are able to select multiple contacts if you choose to share something via e-mail or text.   Now that you know the secret to zoom through Chicago free of traffic jams, it’s time to decide what car you want to see and be seen in. Check out our list of Global Exotic Car Rentals Chicago fleet to make your selection.

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